Risk Advisory

At Bihani Rashmi & Co, our risk advisory consultants provide customized risk management solutions to their clients which enhance their business performance and provides sustainable competitive advantage. Our risk advisory consultants with their in-depth industry experience and proven track record assist the clients in managing complex & evolving financial and business risks. Our Risk Advisory Services include:
  • To review and test the internal controls and processes of the company.
  • To provide business advisory on Standard Operating Procedures, Cost Control and its effectiveness, fixed asset management, accounts receivables analysis and recovery support
  • Audit of information systems including review of IT general controls and security risks.
  • Implementation/review of the corporate governance structure and check if the systems and process are in place to ensure regulatory compliance within the organisation.
  • Reviewing of regulatory requirements of the organisation and ensure compliance of the same.
  • To Provide Forensic services including fraud investigation and designing anti-fraud framework.
For any queries relating to Risk Advisory Services please send your enquiry to query@bihanico.in.
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